Golifyne 2 Pack Universal Non Adhesive Phone Tether Tad Set, Phone Strap Replacement Part w/Anti-Slip Transparent TPU & Nylon Material, Cell Phone Patch Compatible with Most Lanyards and Cases, 2 PACK

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The Golifyne Phone Tether Pad is a simple yet innovative solution to keep your phone safe and accessible at all times. With its adhesive backing, you can easily attach it to any surface, such as a car dashboard, desk, or wall. The non-slip pad prevents your phone from slipping or falling, ensuring it stays in place even on bumpy roads or rough terrain.

The Golifyne Phone Tether Pad works with most phone sizes and cases, and it is compatible with both vertical and horizontal orientation. You can use it for hands-free calls, GPS navigation, watching videos, or taking photos. The pad is also useful for keeping your phone within reach while you work on your computer, cook in the kitchen, or exercise in the gym.

Made of high-quality materials, the Golifyne Phone Tether Pad is durable and lightweight. It won't leave any residue or damage on the surface it's attached to, and it can be easily removed and reused. The pad is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their phone secure and accessible while on the go, whether you're traveling, working, or enjoying outdoor activities.

Don't risk dropping or losing your phone. Get the Golifyne Phone Tether Pad today and enjoy hands-free convenience and peace of mind.

1. Prevents your phone from dropping or getting lost
2. Attaches to any surface for hands-free use
3. Works with most phone sizes and cases
4. Durable and lightweight design
5. Perfect for traveling, working, or outdoor activities

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